Opportunity Zone Funds to Deliver Tax Breaks & Community Impact

The new tax act allows investors to funnel capital gains into economically distressed areas, but investors want proof of impact...Source: www.barrons.comThis article from Barrons shares an overview of the Opportunity Zones program, but also brings up the point of creating community impact as compared to merely delivering investor returns and…
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Opportunity Zones: The Tax Efficient Investment Of The Future

The Investing In Opportunity Act has created Opportunize Zones across America for Opportunity Funds and entrepreneurs to invest in for great tax benefits.Source: www.financialsamurai.comGreat overview of the Opportunity Zones program by Financial Samurai. Well worth reading, but there are far many more opportunity zones outside of the one at Fundrise…
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Goldman Sachs Explores Opportunity Zone Funds

Aug. 30, 2018 2:57 p.m. ET Goldman Sachs is considering setting up “opportunity funds” to give clients access to a new type of investment vehicle with major tax benefits. The bank has lots of experience investing in disadvantaged neighborhoods: Over nearly two decades, it has steered billions to fund projects…
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