Oregon Community Capital

Oregon Community Capital Inc (OCCI) is a wholly owned for-profit B-Corp subsidiary of not-for-profit Community Development Corporation of Oregon (CDCO). The CDCO also has an operating unit, the Rockwood CDC (RCDC) that has a 6-year record of accomplishment of helping Oregon’s poorest community to become a place where everyone can learn, earn and belong.

We dream of communities:

  • with rising levels of financial health;
  • where employment and decent housing are accessible by all;
  • where health outcomes are excellent;
  • where vibrant community life emerges from diversity; and,
  • All show compassion to those who are in need.

Our mission and strategic plan entails:

  • providing ladders for climbing from poverty into prosperity;
  • improving health outcomes;
  • integrating with and creating synergies for existing faith-based organizations and social family service programs;
  • creating and sustaining public-private partnerships;
  • expanding the supply of affordable housing; and,
  • encouraging and assisting commercial development.

OCCI currently is accepting investments in OCCI MicroCap LP I and OCCI Real Estate LP I. OCCI has agreements with developers and business owners across Oregon to place this capital once these funds close.


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