Commercial Real Estate

Allagash Opportunity Zone Partners LLC

Allagash Opportunity Zone Partners LLC, a registered investment advisor with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, was founded in 2019 specifically to manage qualified opportunity funds and other investment vehicles and separate accounts that invest in commercial real estate in LMI communities. Allagash was founded on the simple principle that…
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Activated Capital

As real estate investment specialists, Activated Capitals’ deep expertise, diverse experience, strong partnership orientation, and extensive relationship networks enable our team to identify and capitalize on compelling risk-adjusted real estate value creation opportunities across a full spectrum of sectors, stages, strategies, instruments, and geographies — as well as across all…
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Orlando Opportunity Fund

The Orlando Opportunity Fund is a Proud Member of the Opportunity Zone Alliance. The Orlando Opportunity Fund is a Qualified Opportunity Fund based in Central Florida. We are committed to leveraging our collective experience and new tax incentives to produce solid investor returns while stimulating communities through investments in commercial…
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